Find all Pokémon near you on a real-time map (Pokémon GO)

It is possible to find all Pokémon close to you in real-time by using a service known as PokéVision, which marks all available Pokémon on a map. You can use it directly from your browser by following this link. The service is completely free to use, and can be used anywhere in the world, at any time. You can only refresh the searches every 30 seconds, but each Pokémon has a countdown timer that will tell you for how long it is available to catch.
If you see a Pokémon near you on the map, it is there on the game servers, so you are guaranteed to find it if you go to the location on the map. This lets you skip the entire radar function, and makes it a lot easier to catch lots of Pokémon fast.
Here is what the website looks like.
You can use either the search bar on the website to search for your location, or just zoom the map out and find out where you want to check for Pokémon.
The only downsite with the PokéVision website is that it will not display all Pokémons available, because those affected by lure/incense is only visible to you, so they cannot be added on the map.
The website currently has an issue because it has a lot of visitors, so you might need to refresh it a few times in order to get it to work. Happy hunting!